Brand: Ecler
Model: Nuo 4
Link to supplier page:
Price: approx $800 new
Purchased From/date: Store DJ / august 08

Pros: Simple fuss free layout. Good sound quality, full kill eqs, long smooth faders, large eq knobs, external efx send/return, great cueing system, master & pfl levels next to each other, adjustable x fader, midi cabability (havent used this yet)

Cons: efx control via send return NOT simple to use however can make for interesting mixes, parts supply not readily available locally, faders tend to cut in top 15%

Rating out of 10: 8/10
User review quick comment: as a simple mixer i find this hard to beat, compared to DJM800 & xone 92 (check out the ecler Evo 4 too) i find the Nuo 4 sounds better and is much more fun to mix on. the eqs & faders are great. only mixers around this price i'd compare to are the Urei or Vestax.

Review By: dave stuart
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