Brand: Stanton

Model: m.304

Link to supplier page:

Price: Paid about $50 for it

Purchased From/date: August 2008

Pros: Penny-Giles cross-fader & FX Loop, pots arnt to bad on it, kill switches are fun, great cheap starting mixer, sound wasn't to bad on it but it wasn't great.

Cons: faders fell off after about 2 weeks of mucking around, felt abit cheap (everything feels plasticy)

Rating out of 10: 6

User review quick comment: This was a mixer i bought as I saw it was only going for $50 and no one else bought it. I had fun times with it to say the least but like i said, it started to fall apart pretty quickly. The cross-fader on it is pretty darn awesome for the price.

Review By: dudu
The drum solo of life!