Brand: Vestax
Model: VMC - 002xlu
Link to supplier page:
Price: ~ 250 ( Better if you can dig )
Purchased From/date: DJ Warehouse/ April this year
Pros: Nice little build to the mixer. Nothing too complex, great for Beginners learning the basics.It's an ideal choice for most non-club situations. It's compact size won't take up too much space, and it has all the necessary features for most dj's (and digital DJs now with the USB port).
Cons: Only a 2 channel mixer. No effects or anything really advanced. EQ knobs are a little small, which might not suit some people.
Rating out of 10: 6.5 ( Though I cannot compare, tis my first mixer. )
User review quick comment: Nice little solid mixer. Great for the starting Deejays! Nothing too flash or fancy but for the price -- all you need!
Review By: HDB2


EDIT: I think we should all include a picture, possibly in spoiler tags? , just to make it easier to see what your talking about...Just an idea ?

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