Brand: Numark
Model: Matrix 3
Price: $200+ 2nd Hand (apparently $1000 new ... lol)
Purchased From/date: Cashies! errr ... Jan 08 perhaps?
Pros: uncluttered open interface, adjustable X-fader, FX processing loop, 2 way 40db kills, main, booth (both adjustable) and record outputs, PFL LEDs on each channel.
Cons: no whistles and bells ...
Rating out of 10: 8.5
User review quick comment: I picked this up from Cashies after often using one at a friend's place. Solid, reliable, everything you need in a mixer apart from FX and MIDI functions. I really can't fault this thing. I rate it 8.5 as the sound quality could be better and it doesn't have FX or other digital features. I'd rate this as a serious contender to Vestax PMC mixers, especially considering you'll get it for a whole lot cheaper.
Review By: Funkedub

looks like ...

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