Brand: Ecler

Model: Evo 5

Link to supplier page:

Price paid : US $ 1499 (including shipping)

Purchased From/date: Ecler dj Division, Spain 02.2008

Pros: Great Design. Oversized pots. Built in firewire soundcard. Built in effects with ability to add and create new effects. Customisable fader curves. Full Midi compatibility. Everything is software driven and can be customised and changed according to one's needs. Compatible with Traktor, SL and most other digital DJ systems. Great faders (not suitable for scratching) . Solid Build Quality. Very warm sound which is unlike any other digital mixer that i have heard. Beats most mixers in terms of sound quality(analog rotaries are in a different league)

Cons: Lack of digital inputs (no digital coax connections which is weird for a fully digital mixer). Because it is a digital mixer, chances are that if something fails, one has to restart -- have not seen it yet but have considered it to be a possibility.

Rating out of 10: 9/10

User review quick comment: This is one of the best mixers that i have used. It's expensive but it also feels expensive (unlike most other mixers like the Korgs, Pioneers etc)

Review By: SubbyBoy
spewingupknives - Is the other cdj used for putting two songs together?

KuRuPTeD - No thats the flux capacitators job.

The CDJ's are used to get it to 88mph.

spewingupknives - .....i cant find any of this simple information anywhere!!