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Brand: Stanton

Model: SMX 401

Link to supplier page: http://www.stantondj.com/v2/discon_smx401.asp

Price: paid 299 pounds

Purchased From/date: West end Dj 2003

Pros: Excellent Kill switches. EQ has full kill. Very full sound/has a decent amount of headroom. Quite fun to mix with. Very basic but covers the basics quite well. Penny and Giles faders. 3 channel with a great built in pre amp. FX send/return is highly controllable -- leads to some pretty interesting results. Great Cueing. Build quality is genuinely good.

Cons: For people that like Split cueing, there is no option. There is a fader curve issue (x)with the crossfader which can be solved by a simple mod. Fader caps are not the best

Rating out of 10: 7/10

User review quick comment: Great mixer for beginners.

Review By: SubbyBoy
spewingupknives - Is the other cdj used for putting two songs together?

KuRuPTeD - No thats the flux capacitators job.

The CDJ's are used to get it to 88mph.

spewingupknives - .....i cant find any of this simple information anywhere!!

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