Brand: Allen and Heath

Model: v6

Link to supplier page:


Purchased From/date: West End Dj , 2003

Pros: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Valves. Rotary Design. Oodles of headroom. BIG Sound. The two band EQ is very smooth. There is even a Master EQ. Perfect for house and prog -- those long mixes becomes really nice and solid. Best mixer i have ever heard in my life. If you have a great install, this makes things better. More suited for a club install.

Cons: Not a traditional mixer, so no crossfaders etc. Might not appeal to everyone.

Rating out of 10: 10/10

User review quick comment: Probably one of the best mixers that money can buy really. Love It. Love it. Love it.

Review By: SubbyBoy
spewingupknives - Is the other cdj used for putting two songs together?

KuRuPTeD - No thats the flux capacitators job.

The CDJ's are used to get it to 88mph.

spewingupknives - .....i cant find any of this simple information anywhere!!