Link to supplier page:
Price: Usually found on the second hand market at similar or cheaper prices to technics ($1000 or less-ish)
Purchased From/date: 1.5 Years ago
Pros: Awesome torque for scratching, can be plugged into both digital and phono inputs of a mixer, has an adjustable speed setting (can mix jungle with dnb etc), feels solid
Cons:Not as much street cred as technics,
Rating out of 10: 9
User review quick comment: Buy right, buy once. I'v had countless cigarettes, bongs, beers, whateva spilt on or around these turntables and they still havn't missed a beat. Absolutely bulletproof
Review By: your mum

Brand: Numark
Model: DXM06
Link to supplier page: same as above
Price: less than $200 2nd hand
Purchased From/date: 1 year ago
Pros: Awesome effects, good output display, adjustable crossfader curve, easy to use layout
Cons: Cheap feeling plastics everywhere, EQ's and channels are not the best.
Rating out of 10:6
User review quick comment:For a first mixer, this is great. To get a significantly better two channel you will probably have to spend double the price
Review By:
same as above


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