This thread is for Sydney people, to post up their own mixes, and perhaps even help some up & comers gain a local Sydney audience..

The same guidelines apply as the original thread:

1. You don't need to be a DJ. Just post up a selection of some cool tracks. You don't need to mix it in a DJ sense, Just do what you can, and post up a collection of some great music - give it a shot!

2. Design up a cover and a tracklisting. Put a little bit of effort into the presentation. You don't need to be a graphic designer, just give it a shot - It gives the mix some character.

3. GO DEEP! Make this a chance to play some DEEP or OBSCURE music in your collection, instead of the latest dance releases.
I'm sure most people will post up heaps of House / Electro / Breaks mixtapes - Why not make them a little challenging: Play an old record from 10 years ago - or give your mixtape a theme - Drop in some old samples or vocal bits from movies - or play an old rock song or whatever. It's up to you, but it would be great to hear the depth of everyones musical tastes.

4. Upload them up via yousendit, rapid share or those other fandangled file sharing sites, and post the link here

I tried to go deep...but failed on all the other parts

been thinking of dusting off ableton and trying to make a more creative mix with a load of old tunes, and non house tracks...

lets make it happen people


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