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Okay, I have completed said mixtape I alluded to earlier! Here's an essay length post about it...

Andrew Wowk: Midnight In The Darkest Corners of My Mind

Essentially, this mixtape is a musical exploration of my darker side...it's all those tracks that appeal to the part of me that isn't about sunshine and lollipops. It incorporates influences from a number of genres, including trip-hop, industrial, drum & bass, dubstep, drone, and more. It's not a DJ mix, and it's not a dancefloor mix, it's a conceptual exploration of my interpretation of the word "dark" using my collection of music.

People will notice two things in this mix: distortion and a fair amount of Nine Inch Nails. The distortion I assure you is part of a lot of the tracks, so don't be concerned your speakers/headphones are fucked. The Nine Inch Nails...well...I just really, really like Trent Reznor. However, my inclusions of NIN tracks have tended to be ones I think aren't overplayed or "anthems" by any stretch of the imagination (and there's a couple of remixes in there too).

I've probably taken the "mixtape" idea to the extreme, because, really, there's practically no DJ mixing in here at all...there's like one transition where I manage to actually beatmix, but mostly it's stop/start or stuff where outros/intros mix together...there's just too much erratic shit going on in a lot of these tracks and bpm wise they are widely different in a lot of cases (and I'll happily admit I am not a turntablist so scratching/other trickery to mix the tunes together were out of the question). Plus there's even some mixing mistakes in there (eg cueing a track with the fader up by mistake and one or two bits of erratic levels throughout), but I decided to leave the mistakes in there, because this mixtape was never meant to be me showing off my technical skills.

It's two hours long, which I know is long, but, I struggled to really get the sort of breadth I wanted to get and programming I wanted to achieve with anything shorter, so I hope you enjoy the whole length of it!

Tracklist/dodgy artwork and download link below!



Yo, just had a listen. This one's a keeper.

I like how there's a consistent mood throughout. So much stuff I haven't heard! I especially liked:
2. DJ Shadow - Meets His Maker
3. Leftfield feat. Roots Manuva - Dusted
4. Massive Attack feat. Mos Def - I Against I
13. Jane's Addiction - Chip Away
22. Boris - Parting

Nice to hear "Me, I'm Not" after ages. Also liked the way "Slow Match" was used.

Didn't like the Saul Williams track... too retarded. "Violent Heart" remix as well, didn't like. Over Venetian Snares.

Hang on, I have heard of The Bug... I saw that dude perform at the Beck's Festival Bar this year!

Btw have you had to read stuff on monological interaction? I'd been meaning to ask you since our last irl conversation.
"It was like he was being given a tabasco enema."