That's good stuff to know Ferret, and I appreciate what you've said. in the last 6 months i have purchased a set of fatty speakers and an amp to gig with, but i never really had any idea about all the technicalities of it all - I'm not very good on the tech side of things. when I bought it was told simply just to keep the amp dials at 3/4 power max, as not to blow the speakers.

Although i am slightly confused... you say here it is good to have an amp more powerful than the speakers so you have extra headroom, right? I have two 1000w RMS speakers hooked up to a behringer europower 2x1200w amp, so i'm thinking thats appropriate for headroom... but some guys at a hifi store said that my amp was too powerful for the speakers and im doing damage to them. im a bit put off by this all. I hate it, but in the tech stakes i am a major noob... I wish i could kidnap you for a gig ferret and pick your brain re all this tech mumbo-jumbo

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