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lol using office assistant.

All images are googleimaged. I had no part in their production.


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some guys at a hifi store said that my amp was too powerful for the speakers and im doing damage to them

Overpowering the speakers is also bad. You can set your amp at 3/4 and you'll likely be all good. The idea is that you get as much clean power into your speakers as possible. Better to have your amp at full blast and mixer and 0dB on the masters than your mixer clipping and your amp at 3/4.

It is a fine line, though.

What are the speakers?


Unfortunately not many clubs are willing to leave that much headroom on a system

Yep - whether it's because they're too cheap to buy appropriately sized amps, or whether it's because they know that DJs are retards and play to the redline regardless of the size of the system (The Cave, anybody?), they seem reluctant to leave headroom on a system.