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Although i am slightly confused... you say here it is good to have an amp more powerful than the speakers so you have extra headroom, right? I have two 1000w RMS speakers hooked up to a behringer europower 2x1200w amp, so i'm thinking thats appropriate for headroom... but some guys at a hifi store said that my amp was too powerful for the speakers and im doing damage to them.

Is the Behringer amp also claiming 1200 watts RMS?

If so, it's fine (as far as Behringer goes), and you could probably even go bigger with little concern. Alternatively, in this example, it's the amplifier that otherwise runs out of steam that clips the waveform, forms a square wave, and introduces mid and high frequency harmonics WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY LOOOOOUUUDDDDEEEEEERRRR than the tweeter/horn drivers were ever supposed to handle, and hence they blow.

Besides, the speakers are only 'seeing' 1200 watts if a) the amplifier is turned up to max, and b) the source material is turned up to the max.

Oh, and to answer your question, the guys at the high-five store should go out sometime and do drugs.

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