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Isn't overexcursion more likely if you're clipping (and forcing a squared movement)? My understanding is that it was. Also that once you've clipped, you're creating peak power all the time, thus more likely to overpower.

Nah, not quite.

Over excursion = the driver traveling beyond its physical limitations.

Once the electrical waveform clips, the driver can not physically travel any further in / out than the clipped signal can provide. If anything, a clipped signal will save a woofer from blowing as there is simply no more power (positive/negative) being fed to it in order to drive it any harder.

It'd be like trying to blow an engine by not supplying enough petrol to it.

But if the underpowered amplifier was then substituted with a more powerful model, the drivers would have the potential to be pushed beyond what the previously clipped was ever capable of doing. But meh, the least of concern really.

Back on topic, so what's wrong with clipping?

Well aside from sounding like absolute shit, this now totally distorted signal features completely altered upper harmonic content, with way more energy than ever before (which is why the distortion can be heard clearly above the music) and it's this savage new waveform that fries midrange / tweeter drivers.