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It does sound kind of scary (At first I thought it was crap).

I'm just guessing, what damages speakers would be the coiled wiring melting wouldn't it? So that would happen from to much current.

I'll make up some figures to explain why it could. Say the speaker is rated to take a 1khz sine wave at 1A peak current. So it will only get 1A instantaneously at the peak of every cycle. Then compare that to a 1kHz square wave (extreme clipped sine), the coil will now have a constant 1A current flowing though it causing the coils to act like a heater and eventually melt.!

Yeah, I think that's a fair summary.

And in this example, an amp with a greater output is not a viable solution as it will also cause the speaker grief. How? Well although the waveform might no longer be clipping, the waveform will contain more of its energy in the realms over and above 1A.