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What are the speakers?

These ones...

Got them second hand from someone on ITM for $1000 (amp included), he said that one of the 4 subs was blown so i thought yeh no dramas good deal. turns out that the horns in both speakers were shot to bits, and had to play a few gigs using only the speaker's subs and tweeters - did not sound good

On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone know of any cool little hi-fi repair shops in Sydney that have plenty of imported parts on hand? I ask because the places i've tried in the sutho shire reckon they cant import the horn required. luckily i found this cool little asian place in penshurst called Etone (like a mechanics, but full of speakers rather than engine parts). anyway i took my speaker there and they had a look and replaced the speaker while i waited, no mucking around. unfortunately they are closed for the next month... anyone have any suggestions?

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