someone asked me for a mix cd on saturday at sugar, i told them i'd do something during the week.. i had a spare hour this morning and threw this together, one take so is a bit rough here and there, and a bit heavy on the todd terje, but pretty representative of what i throw down at sugar sometimes.. hope you enjoy..

balearic incarnation - dolle jolle (todd terje's extra doll mix)
king of witches - capracara (rub 'n' tug remix)
the voice from planet love - precious system (dixon chic-a-go edit)
i get deeper - late nite tuff guy
time to lose control - neville watson
simple things (work it out) - shit robot (todd terje version)
enter the cosmos - maelstrom (pete herbert remix)
where's jason's k - syclops
another station - lindstrom (todd terje remix)
kosmetisk - magnus international
innerfearance - spectral empire (chateau flight remix)