Matt Farrell - Casting Couch

Label:Fractured Beats
Released: Out now

In it's original version this is one of those epic journey into the abyss, working the hypnotic, highly memorable hook and spine-crawling bassline with the greatest ease. 'Casting Couch' is a blend of techno-smart keyboards in juxtaposition to the taut melodramatic hook, Nick Cenik's stripped down mix is joined by an equally driving and mind-enveloping trek by GLVG, who's eerie synths compliment the pulsating rhythms and Moogybasslines. Minimal modernism at its resonating best.
(5 out of 5 - Essential)

Package Mixes:

1. "Casting Couch" (original mix)
2. "Casting Couch" (Matt Farrell remix)
3. "Casting Couch" (Nick Cenik remix)
4. "Casting Couch" (GLVG remix)
5. "Casting Couch" (radio mix)
6. "Casting Couch" (GLVG radio mix)





Reviewed on DMCWorld:

Jim 'Shaft' Ryan:
"A floaty piece of progressive house that's certainly floating my boat at the moment"

DJ Trisco:
"Loved the original and Matt's remix, Nick Cenik remix is also cool - classy tune - will continue to support"

Flash Brothers
"Good progressive tune!"

Cristian Paduraru:
"Yes, deeper support for the inspiring beach music!"

Max Cagliero (Proton Radio)
"Matt Farrellīs Remix has an amazing groove to it !
I love it ! 5/5"

Joel Xavier (Whoop / Kinky)
"Digging Original" & "Got a kinda pold skoll proggy feel about this in the melody :-)

Morty Lines (Crystal Clouds / Party 107)
"A great supplement to the original release. The monstrous GLVG Mix is my fav! Good stuff!"

Josh Abrams (Proton Radio)

"Matt Farell rmx and GLVG rmx for me. Thanks"

Liam Shachar (Perfecto):
"Love the Original"

Michel Zola (Frisky Radio)
"perfect energy!"

Doughboy/ Randall shaw (USA)
"Matt Farrell reworks this track with magically notes and bassline stabs that leave you want more and more"

Jim Star (Alice Management)

""all tracks are great on this release. i love it!" - 4.5/5

Electrobios (Ajuna Deep):
"l like the way of Matt Farrell remix"