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Splatter is a 21 year old producer from Merida Mexico, with huge recognition within Central America. His style is deep and sinister inspired by the world surrounding him. An abstract experience, mixed with an unusual non-lineal structure base. His style deeply evolves from underground minimal aesthetics and suburban tech-glitching compositions. A digestible organism of ironic sequences oscillating between a shine effect and the feeling of an endless fog.

JATOD002 is Splatters first maxi-EP release on jatounit.

Splatter – Induced Musik, is an EP dedicated to the mature listener. Full of big abstract sequences and mind shredding sounds. The music get you into a deep and melancholic world full of demonic sub layers, and you will find yourself surrounded by hyped arppegiators and hypnotic grooves . This is a recommendable EP which brings you an almost vivid look into the world that he see’s.

02-Splatter-Estado Alpha
03-Splatter-Mental Bunker (extrated version)
04-Splatter-Induced Musik
05-Splatter-Hipnosis Minima


<strong>The release will be available through Beatport.com & Itunes</strong>


Jato-Unit Recordings

Sounds interesting