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Methodix - Excursions in Inspirations

Different mix for me, thought I’d hit record when I was nicely baked one night…

Ambient, space disco, dub, funk, techno, electro, dnb and more deepness all get a run!

3 x 1200s, 1 x cd deck and a tasty filter were used.

Consume cardboard if a copious amount of greenery is not available. Stir. Combine dressing. Press play.

Relax and enjoy!

Tracklist to come... need to go through it and remember what I played first

Image by Yosuke Ueno - http://yosuke-ueno.blogspot.com/

hmm looks like i got this a month late, downloading now. My last mix was done in the same state as you by the sounds of it, tends to bring out some untapped creative energy lol.
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