Here's a new one from me. Perfect for a long cruise in the car, or those lazy summer arvos. Starts off quite deep and moody, then the second half gets a bit more techy.

John Daly - Equinox
Marco & Orpheo - Six to Midnight
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Trus'Me Remix)
Jay Haze - I Can't Forget (Lil Dirty Disco Dub)
Foster - Loud Minority
Alton Miller - Way Of The Drum
Alex Celler - Ductile
Brian Sanhaji - Kappa Effect
Rick Wade - Intelligence
Niko Schwind - The Autistic Disco
Chaim - Way We Do (Chaim & Lonya)
Micha Klang - Baby I am for Real (Nima Gorji remix)

Click to download:

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