Brand: Vestax
Model: PMC 37 Pro
Link to supplier page: (Discontinued)
Price: Approx $1500
Purchased From/date: Moog Audio, Toronto, Canada/Mid 2004
Pros: 3x linear equalizer with full isolation, 3x sweep/notch filter, 16 inputs assignable across any 3 channels (so called "matrix assignment"), 2x send/receive, crossfader curve control, replaceable input and cross fader, master, booth and record outputs all with separate volume control
Cons: wish there was a VU meter on each channel, send/receive routing is not too convenient when used as intended, easy to lose the knobs for the eq
Rating out of 10: 9.5 (loses 0.5 because i don't like the effects routing)
User review quick comment: This mixer is a serious workhorse. Mine has been with me a long time, and I've played ruff with it the whole time. After 5 years I am still on the original faders, and the sound quality is still pristine. No noise in the faders or anywhere! That is why I love Vestax products. The linear eq's are offsetting to some, but I have always found linear to be the best way to move many faders at the same time. The sweep/notch filters are fantastic for mixing house music, not so usable for other genres though. Balanced outputs compliment pro audio applications. The funky "matrix assignment" coupled with full isolation on the eq and 2 send/receives allows for some really unique mixing possibilities (such as one input spread across 3 channels with different effects assigned to different frequency bands). Why on earth did they discontinue this thing? Perhaps the world was not ready for it. If you get an opportunity to buy one, give it some serious consideration.
Review By: donnie_dee