Brand: Vestax
Model: PMC 46 MKII Rotary
Link to supplier page: Discontinued
Price: Were $2000(got mine for $900)

Purchased From/date:1 year
Pros: Huge rotary knobs with a very spacious layout...awesome solid construction with balanced XLR outputs...
VU meters..Gold plated finish...designed by house legend Louie Vega...Superb House Mixer....4/6 channel mixing instrument with 4 phono and 8 line inputs.
* Advanced mixing facilities through Aux send return and Sub master
* VCA controlled Cross-fader
* Special cue-signal monitoring through new option meter.
* Special selected rotary input fader
* Extremely variable mixing facilities

Cons:It only has High and Low Eqs however I have found by adjusting the gain control the mixer has a more spacious frequency range... Not for scratch DJ' effects but who needs those.

Rating out of 10: 9.5
User review quick comment: This is a superb mixer but my next purchase would be a Vestax CX. The CX would rate a ten out of ten for me however that's another review.
Review By: Me
Mixes - Heaps of different mixes are available upon request...Pm me or Email