Brand: Allen & Heath
Model: Xone 42
Link to supplier page:
Price: $1500 new, much cheaper 2nd hand
Purchased From/date: ebay, sept '09
Pros: nice simple layout, great sound, filters, booth out, nice VU meters on all channels, efx loop, 2in/2out USB soundcard built in, plenty of cueing options
Cons: cant adjust line fader curve, the eq curves cut off pretty sharply, only 2 phono inputs(wont be an issue for most), cant choose individual channels to send in the efx loop
Rating out of 10: 8.5
User review quick comment: a really fun mixer to use with plenty of options for expansion such as 4 channels, effects loop and built in sound card. the analogue filters sound great and are an effective mixing tool once you get used to them. the line faders are nice and long, but have a sharp curve, but once you get used to it they are fine. a highly recommended mixer
Review By: me

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