Hey, so if the question is "was this the best thing ever"? And for me it wasn't, but it did highlight how starved we are of DJs who are DJs and not just people who play tracks one after the other, perhaps embellished with endless use of effects or whatever. This includes many internationals, who are often talented producers who learn how to mix in order to make money touring (nothing wrong with that, but they are producers first and DJs second).

Tenaglia, like quite a few other DJs schooled in the pre-house era, mixes in a way that emphasises the power of the tracks he wants to put out there but also creates drama through using the DJ's ability to reassemble the source material on the fly. His combinations of disparate genres, his use of teasing snippets of future tracks layered over what he was playing, his manipulation of volume levels, his refusal to blend seamlessly at every mix to prove he can beatmatch, and his performance as a showman behind the decks are all part of a tradition that has been eroded as DJing of EDM has become a global mass market thing.

It was about much more than track selection, although as expected he was eclectic and unafraid of being accused of cheesiness. For those who think the set lacked progression, I disagree. It was just that it wasn't smooth, linear progression that 4/4 music is too often reduced to even by its better practitioners. The man understands that dancing (and performance) requires both continuities and breaks.

I really enjoyed last night, wished I could have stayed later and hope he'll be back very soon. So far he hasn't knocked people like Francois K and Chris Duckenfield off the top of my list, but he is clearly a member of the highest pantheon.

Three cheers!

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