Brand: Stanton
Model: C.324
Link to supplier page:
Price: anywhere from $450-$800
Purchased From/date: StoreDJ December 2009
Pros: Price (12" good quality tabletop for the same price as CDJ200), 6 effects, ability to run any 3 at the same time, sample banks, solid casing build, can get really creative with it
Cons: Jog wheel incredibly loose, 0.15% pitch increments, some latency with fast scratching techniques in vinyl mode
Rating out of 10: 7
User review quick comment: as a mobile deck, or for a bar or pub DJ, it fits perfectly, it feels reliable, the load times are fast, the player itself make no noise, so sound quality is up to the music you use,

for club work, or other peeps who need to make precise beat matches quickly, suggest to look else where, mainly for the loose feeling jog wheel and 0.15% pitch increments

otherwise as a CD player, it does the job, and for what you pay, it does it incredibly well
Review By: Mr. DJ Manboob
"I see myself as having an .aiff format shlong; its there, just nobody wants it"

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