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Too much to summarise fully but the three things that got to me were:

1. Slaves in Cambodia chained to a workbench in puddles of piss and vomit churning out fakes.
2. Fake medicines tuning up in pharmacies.
3. People making fake eggs out of industrial chemicals. Yes you heard right, fake fucking eggs!

There is a factory in China somewhere cranking out fake [insert major toothbrush brand here] toothbrushes. I've got a box in my office with all the legit variants of the most counterfeited toothbrush (Arabic script packaging, Cyrillic script packaging, etc) so that when Customs intercept a load of fakes, I can go out and show them the diffreence between what they've got and the legit version.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals and machine parts are a massive problem.
But we're fools if we sit back and stare at the ground
While the weasels and analysts sing
If we want our place in history, we can't let the frustration
Drive us to fashionable drinking again