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A new mix just in time for summer... on the deeper tip but still a bit of punch towards the end, enjoy

Neon Waters - November 2009 Promo Mix

1. I Know It Happened feat. Chelsea Simeone - Fuckpony
2. Getting Sleepy - Guido Schneider
3. Believe [Beckers Remix] - Flow & Zeo
4. Freak It [Spencer Parker Remix] - Christian Prommer
5. Mancry [Gui Boratto Remix] - Adam Freeland
6. Spinnin [Sasha Remix] - Damien Lazurus
7. One TIme We Lived [Lulu Rouge Remix] - Moby
8. Tessio [Spektre Remix] - Luomo
9. Wiwi [Edit 1] - Dusty Kid
10. The Hoard [Dousk Remix] - Antix
11. The Music & Me feat. Betty Bizarre [Manual Del La Mare Remix] - Voltraxx & Lissatt
12. Wizard - Mario Ocha
13. ID [Logiztik Sounds & Mauricio Durate Remix] - Monaque
14. All That [Interplay Remix] - Shiloh
15. Puma Okay - Super Flu
16. Semaphore - Gaiser


OK so I'm a bit slow on the uptake (or maybe download) but have been listening to this in the car at the moment and it's very nice - especially towards the end!

I'll have to get busy and download a couple of your later mixes.
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