Man dont even get me started on DJ's and gain structure.

I've done over 1000 gigs in my career, and I have never ever come across stupidity like I have with DJ's.

But Like DjWaz said, I just now tell them "you push it and my friend Mr 166XL who is set to infinity-1 compression will own you and you lovely mastered music, so be my guest and give it your best shot to fuck up your own gig, Sir"

Small tip. If you see a DJ redding and you wanna turn him down, USE THE TRIM, not the master. If using a DJM-800 and the PA is running its own mixing desk (highly recommend, having a DJ mixer in charge of a PA is just plain stupid) leave the master at 3 o'clock. At this level, the master will mirror what the channel levels are doing. The master will only turn down the volume of a clipped signal, the most damage to signal is done with the trim control, not the master. A DJ should not be in control of the volume of a system by using the master on a mixer This should all be done from a separate audio mixer with an experienced engineer running it, using compression through the PA's mixing desk's inserts.

Clipping creates a dirty signal which in turn cause's amps and voice coils to over heat, this is what causes damage, and can be done at lower than unity levels.

Your gig, your set, and if im in charge, your set will come at a cost if you fuck with me.