Know I said I was too busy to post right away but this strike rate in this forum has got me wet. I'm in Sydney, but am happy to collaborate over the internet. Particular DAWs shouldn't be a problem if things are rendered to .mp3s and exchanged over soundcloud or something like that provided everyone has some good internet speeds/quotas.

So that being said, chickenbum I'm interested in making some demos to get something out there properly. I have a mate who sings, is very versatile, and even though is not into dance music at all, has a great voice and sounds good on recording. If you had an idea for lyrics or otherwise I could record him for it. Not sure how you'd want to work it, but if you could send some low end stuff you've worked on - whether a drum loop or a bass line, I could get some chord progressions going. If we work with the same plugins, or at least one or two common ones, we can send patches/presets and MIDI files to save the tediousness of emailing wavs or mp3s to make things work out a little bit better.

Camlv if you're also keen to do something similar, let me know, I'm not big on trance, or have never produced any trance, but could give something a go.

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