Good starting point, that kick is great and it fits in Cminor one of my favorite keys I hope I got the notes right though

I have just done a few quick ideas, there is a house piano with a matching bass, a proggy synth and another random one which isn't that good and a bit basic but I thought I might as well throw it in.

The synth patches are just basic ideas and not really refined. I have included midi files so you can make your own patches with out having to figure out what I have done. If nothing works I'll make some more ideas. I haven't sidechained anything, the piano sounds great sidechained so make sure you try it.

ITM Colab 1.rar

Also maybe we should make a thread just for this colab? Saves us leading this one astray.

Edit: I just was thinking the piano is a bit simple and might be better with more variation, here is a alternative pattern Alt Piano.rar, it could do a few other variations as well. Also two of the notes in the bass are wrong

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