I know hip hop doesn't get much love on here, but.......

Decades is a small collective of people that have a love of music from all genres and time frames, who strive to make music that pays homage to the influences, whilst being progressive in its delivery.
Our Decades Radio series will more than likely be an ongoing thing now, I am sure there are quite a few people with similar taste in music to us, so we will keep recording these mixes when the guys get together. The majority have been hip hop lately, but there will be more afro/reggae/jazz and soul mixes in the near future. This one was once again recorded directly to a high quality metal tape for that old school feel and features rare tracks from Delta (yes for the kings is fnally on a mixtape), BDP, Slick Rick, Urban Poets, Reference Point, Public Enemy, Tuff Crew, The Creators, Busta, Show and AG, EPMD, #rd Bass and more. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Soundcloud here
part 1

part 2

Both have free download links, if you have any difficulties downloading them, leave a comment and i will help you out.

original decades tracks to preview here

face book here