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Self confessed addicts of rap Sceptic & Dseeva are the frontmen of Sydney's KWITS Crew and founders of Sub Conscious Records. Their impressive catalogue of Psykotik Realm Rap indulges in an array of styles to suite any mood; from their well known strut mentality, obscure sound and topical choices, to revealing their heart-felt emotions and insecurities.

Sceptic & Dseeva recieved local love with their debut Hip Hop Psykosis LP in 2007, acquiring rave reviews and radio-play nationwide. Consistent energetic shows and presence on Sub Conscious Records releases and Sydney compilations (including Bring It! with the legendary Sereck and Lightsounds' Circuit Breaker 2), has confirmed Sceptic & Dseeva to be "definitely ones to watch in the near future". The duo gained international recognition featuring on Grimz' Global Warning LP (UK) and Krhyme Syndicate's The Lyrical Suspectz LP (Canada).

The rhythmic wraith of 2010's jam-packed Sub C Baby Mixtape sees Sceptic & Dseeva sending shockwaves sonically through 26 tracks, over production by Dseeva, Myth 4 and Scott Mackie, with cuts by DJ Skae. The duo takes jabs at Australia's lucrative legal system on "Mugshots"; spit an ode to Sydney's Kings Cross with "Born To Roll" and remake 50 Cent's "I'm Supposed To Die Tonight" with the catchy "Down To Strut". "Sound The Alarm" encourages listeners for some call and response; with all opposers being silenced on 21-man posse madness "Shut Ya Mouth (Ft. Sub C Familia)".

The duo repeadately follow the mantra of being "as crazily disconnected as Kool Keith" on the Sub C Baby Mixtape. Sceptic leaks liquid lyricism with palindrome packed "Add A", oxeymoron filled "The Meaning" and a tribute to Big L's "Ebonics" with the tongue twisting "Slanging AAK47SUBC Strut 08 Acapella". Dseeva displays determination on "Reign Supreme", bi-polar-like attitude on "Not Today" and jokingly admits to his alcoholism on "Alko Stats". Sceptic is joined by the soleful Toni Bird for the passionate "One More Night With You" and Dseeva attacks egotistical rappers over Snoop Dogg's "Lay Low".

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