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Brand: pioneer
Model: DJM 700S
Link to supplier page: http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/djgear...nce-mixer.html
Price: $1400 (i got mine 2nd hand from emily scott)
Purchased From/date: emily scott 4 weeks ago
Pros: Simple, effective layout. industry standard. 49 midi assignable knobs and buttons, roll effect (fu*ken SWEET) send recieve for additional effects unit (efx500 or 1000). nice feel to all faders and knobs feels real sturdy compared to my previous mixers.
Cons: price (but not for me got a hectic bargin) but if u were buying new then there is probly equaly good mixers for cheaper.
Rating out of 10: 9.5
User review quick comment: great mixer! but most of u know that already. loving the seamless loops u can create at the touch of a button (roll fx) but its not an 800 but bloody close!

I have one of these at home, and, whilst I'm satisfied with it, it's definitely not a 9.5. In fact, I doubt any Pioneer would rank that highly.

What I will say, though, is that it serves a great purpose. It's, quite comfortably, a more affordable version of the DJM-800. Of course, without a few of the bells and whistles (e.g. colour mixing, separate effects control on each channel).

If you're hell bent on purchasing a Pioneer mixer for home use, look no further than the DJM-700!
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