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Great article and associated comments, really helpful. There's just one thing I don't get though.

I've seen a couple of videos of Roger Sanchez playing, and completely red-lining the mixer. Also seen it to a lesser extent with Laidback Luke. Whats up there? Is it a lack of knowledge, or a "I don't give a fuck" attitude? Surely you'd expect better from the big professionals...

I'd say a combination of both from my experience.

If anyone wants to expand on sound reinforcement, understanding gain, processing etc and also participate in a lot of interesting discussions by international industry experts, look at joining Synergetic Audio Concepts http://synaudcon.com/

The membership fee is quite reasonable and is a good information resource. As part of your initial membership fee, you get to do one of their acclaimed certificate training courses online (at your own pace) "Core Principles of Audio". Well worth it and it will open your eyes to the world of audio and demonstrate the correct method, calculations etc in designing and installing sound reinforcement systems. http://synaudcon.com/level100.php

Infocomm International is another good resource and their certification exams are the only ANSI and ISO accredited and internationally recognised qualifications for the audiovisual industry. http://www.infocomm.org/

The Audio Engineering Society is another good resource http://www.aes.org/

I'm a member of all three and the training and certifications I have got from all three has really broaden my skills and knowledge not to mention opened many career doors.