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Relentless Energy - Sharkey - LotekWhere can we begin to describe this track?! One of the classic Sharkey pieces from Nu Energy’s history gets brought right up-to-date and reworked to be one of the most twisted, pulsing, driving bits of acid-laden freeform around courtesy of the musical mind of head Camel-man Oli G. Beautifully produced, of course, and with some insane edits, tunes don’t get much bigger than this. Absolutely banging.

Track 1: Lotek (Oli G Remix)

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Australia With Force - Influx

Australia with Force is back, with release number 46, featuring 3 new thunderous mixes of classic label productions by Influx; Influx's final Hardcore EP.

Influx has stepped into the studio to produce his final Australia with Force, and ultimately his final Hardcore EP.. The EP is very divergent, "Automatic 2010" is more up-beat and happy, "Carnevil 2010" is dark and menacing, and "Downunder Underground 2010" is very straight forward, hard and distorted.

It is a shame to farewell Influx from Hardcore, being a close friend with him even before Australia with Force, but without doubt his high standard of production ability coupled with his great networking and social skills - he will succeed in his future musical ventures. All the best. Starstruck.

Stay tuned for the next release, AWF 047 - The Starsruck EP... Australia with Force counts on your support. All revenues made go back into the label to forward it and to provide you with the best music we can offer. Please support Australian hardcore and do the right thing - buy the track, it means the world to us.

Keep it Australian, Keep it Hardcore.

Track 1: Automatic 2010

Track 2: Carnevil 2010

Track 3: Downunder Underground 2010

Fundamental Hardcore - Auscore MelloDee - Mad World

Auscore and (Debuting Artist) MelloDee have teamed up to bring the global rave community an early Christmas pressie! With another massive stomper that will give any hardcore junkie that fix that they crave! Its straight up another dose of Emo-Core but delivers with its moving vocal and melodic lead. Please enjoy!

Track 1: Mad World