Ultimate Worldwide Freeform CD - Pre-order Now!

The NEC and ReBuild Present:

‘Ultimate Worldwide Freeform’

22 Full Length Tracks / 2 x Free Mixes

Release Date: Monday November 22nd:

Price £12.99 plus shipping.

Behind the scenes of the main floor raves, a tectonic shift has been occurring… the underground sound of Hardcore music has been evolving and steadily gaining momentum. A momentum backed by an array of Worldwide talent coming into its own. 2010’s Freeform hardcore music is standing tall and loud for all to hear.

The ‘Ultimate Worldwide Freeform’ double CD album offers you 22 hot and exclusive full length tracks from the key artists behind this movement - Artists not afraid to tread new ground and offer up exciting and fresh new sounds.


ReBuild Disc

The ReBuild CD features the cream of the ReBuild artists offering a selection that spans the BPM’s and energy levels into oblivion.

01. Grimsoul - Turn On The Heat
02. Alek Száhala - Ascend To The Stars
03. Creative Synergy - Beware Of My Trance (Ponder Remix)
04. Mozz & Thumpa - Techno Control
05. Aryx - Aurora
06. DJ Noriken - Lucia
07. Sam One - Break The Rules
08. Voycey & Douglas - Surface Of The Sun (Peaks & Pinnacle Remix)
09. Nomad - Lose It
10. Betwixt & Between - Inexistenz
11. Peaks & Pinnacle - Dynamo Cookie (Douglas Remix)

Disc clip - http://www.nuenergycollective.com/st...build_clip.mp3
Individual clips – http://soundcloud.com/rebuild_music/...freeform-album

Nu Energy Collective Disc

The Nu Energy Collective CD sees all the key NEC artists combining to cover their hard hitting fast tempo styles and emerging new talent.

01. Douglas Feat. Rhona - FM-220
02. Kevin Energy Feat. E-Zero - Acid Nova
03. Endemic - Hurricane
04. Eryk Orpheus - Empty
05. Kevin Energy & A.B - Piranha
06. Endemic & Lost Soul - Voice Of The Eclipse
07. A.B & SynthWulf - The Cleansing
08. Amplitude & A.B - Toxic
09. S3RL & SynthWulf - I Am The DJ
10. Nick 235 & Solution Feat. Rhona - Augmented Reality
11. Lost Soul - Zombie With A Chainsaw (Little Fella Remix)

Disc clip - http://www.nuenergycollective.com/st...e_nec_clip.mp3
Individual clips - http://soundcloud.com/nu-energy-coll...eform-nec-disk

This spine tingling selection of raw energy and relentless beats will not be released in any other format whatsoever. This is a collectable limited edition run of CD’s made with love & features full colour artwork. If you would like to get your hands on the juicy tracks you’ll need to pre order one now. All purchases come with a free download link to 2 mixes: A ReBuild mix by Thumpa and an NEC mix by A.B.