New A.B EP Out On Relentless Digital Now!

Hardbeats Download HQ brings to you another major exclusive that has seen some serious DJ support over the last few months. Courtesy of the NEC main rave label Relentless Digital we offer you this one on exclusive download two weeks before any other store will have it available & on 100% exclusive CD single – we are the only store to offer this service! Check out the release below!


Showcasing his ability to write different flavours of Hardcore with ease, A.B hits out on Relentless Digi with a big EP that’s seen worldwide support! First up comes “YODJ”, a firing freeform rollercoaster of a track that pays homage to Relentless’ roots with it’s drilling acid squelches, manic fills, ravey riffs, question and answer incidentals and uplifting breakdown! Phew! Next up A.B gets experimental with “BliP”, a tech-inspired bass-thumping signature sound that’s haunting middle break absolutely melts the crowd into an ecstatic mess of rushing ravers! Big tune! And finally completing the EP comes “OutBurst”, a no-nonsense trance monster purely designed to hook the dancelfoor in and get the crowd going crazy! Large EP!

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