New S3RL EP out NOW! Hardbeats Download Exclusive!
As we hit February the exclusive HBD release schedule continues with Relentless Digital offering us their latest huge S3RL EP ahead of general release date. Grab this one now or you’ll have to wait until 15/02/2011 for the pleasure! Plus – if you want this huge EP in WAV format on full colour printed CD single – then Hardbeats Download is the ONLY stockist that can accommodate your wish – see here!!


The total tune machine – be it super cheese, Gabber or full-on rave music – that is S3RL is back with another boom-tastic EP that caters for a broad range of tastes. First up on the EP with a full-on Hardstyle flavour and cheeky vocals is “Bass Slut” which has been sending ravers into a stomping frenzy with its tight killer beats.Totally on the other side of the hardcore spectrum, “It Went” is for the lovers of S3RL’s vocal-led mega-cheese anthems – this one will be going round in your head for days and has had ravers both sides of the pond reaching for the lasers! Finally “Crazy Ass Bitch” rounds things off nicely with its militant vocals and driving warm bass. Another awesome eclectic mix from the man like S3RL!

Bass Slut
It Went
Crazy Ass Bitch

Click here to grab the release!