Kevin Energy - Veti Levu / Paranoid - Out Now!
BLAM! Another HUGE offering from Kevin Energy’s Relentless Digital imprint hits Hardbeats Download on an EXCLUSIVE basis once again! You won’t be able to grab this stack of 3 banging tracks anywhere else for at least 2 weeks! Also we are the only store to be able to offer you exclusive CD singles of many labels.See our CD singles section here!

RLNTDIGI074: The Kevin Energy EP!

Relentless Digital sees Kevin Energy back with a boom and a serious bang as he unleashes 3 beasts that take on the trance and raise up the rave stakes! First up we’re finally letting out the immense Veti Levu onto the release schedule; this one has been tearing up pretty much everywhere and has been the hot topic for tune gossip the last past months. A classic riff that’ll have you melting by the side of the speaker coupled with a serious rave ending means that this is a banger that demands to be in your box! Plus the rave rides high throughout as a very special “Rave It Up Dub” remix of Paranoid, Kevin’s hot collaboration with MC Static, makes up the second track on this floor slamming EP, and welcome return to the big kick sound features on the Veti Levu remix on track 3. Huge!

Veti Levu
Paranoid (Kevin Energy' Rave It Up Dub Remix)
Veti Levu (The Big Kick Remix)

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