Flame & K-Complex - Allure (A.B's C.O.T Remix) - Out Now!
OUT NOW! The latest from the NEC stables on Relentless Energy has hit Hardbeats Download on MP3 and exclusive CD single! Check out the track info and bag yourself a treat for the weekend! Happy Friday people!!

Relentless Energy 017:

Flame, K-Complex & Louise Davies - "Allure (A.B's C.O.T Remix)"

Flame, K-Complex & Louise Davies’ smash hit Allure is back and this time reworked for 2011 into a rave-fuelled monster with a whiff of the yellow stuff by the NEC’s A.B. Throwing in electro-basslines,dirtied-up breaks, screaming rave leads, pianos, hand-in the air trance style synths and everything in between, alongside of course the original mesmerising vocals, the mysteriously named C.O.T remix should have something to cater for everyone, and has certainly been tearing up dancefloors for the last few months everywhere played! Get on it on now crew!

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