Strictly For The Purist - New Freeform Album - Order yours now!
A~ brand new album straight from the UK and the pre orders are now open for all of you who want to get your order in early to help the cause etc

The album will be on your door step the first week of april.

Real talk will be over 3 cd's, The first will be a full length mix.
This will be mixed by DJ Petruccio and hosted by Odyssey, Obie & Macca, all these artists are residents at the UK biggest Freeform event Freeformation which is run by Kevin Energy & Sharkey.

The remaining two cd's will have 22 full length, fully mastered tracks.

The Price is £15.99 + P&P, I think this makes it work out around £17.50 for UK, £18.50 for Europe and £19.50 for the rest of the world.

If anyone is interested then please pm me for more details.

Disc 1: Mixed by Petruccio & Hosted by Odyssey, Obie, Macca.
Track List for this will be finalised next week as we may swap some bits around once we put it all together but it will include a selection if not all (Or maybe more) of the tracks on the other two CD's.

Disc 2:
01: Odyssey, Obie & Macca - Black Hole (Real Talk Album Edit)
02: Darwin - Within
03: Macca - Drop The Beat
04: Odyssey - Up & Down
05: Obie & No Sweat - U R R4VE
06: JB-C - Modallia
07: 50fifty - Keep Off The Grass (Douglas Remix)
08: Obie - Fabric Of Time
09: Odyssey - Change It
10: Darwin, Obie & Macca - Musical Endeavour (Odysseys Techno Drome Mix)
11: Darwin, Obie & Macca - Hardcore Soldier (Firefly Remix)

Disc 3:
01: Obie - Session (Kevin Energy & A.B Remix)
02: Darwin & Odyssey - 2012
03: Joey Riot & Macca - Say What You Say (Petruccio Remix)
04: Petruccio & Modulate - Want Some
05: Fretman & Macca - Take You Deeper (Darwin Remix)
06: Obie & Macca - Bassline Skanka (Fracus Remix)
07: Obie - Dextran
08: JB-C & Macca - Angry Theme
09: Obie - Fabric Of Time (Darwins Hard Trance Remix)
10: Darwin - Bliss Tech
11: Obie & Macca - Seven (Peaks & Pinnacle Remix)

Note first 100 Pre Orders will receive a further 5 Tracks from the sftp vault. Sent to them via email. All killers no fillers!

Check the clips out on our soundcloud page.