SynthWulf: Analog Rush & Tech-Form – Out Now!
Another week and another EXCLUSIVE offering from Hardbeats Download, this time courtesy of the official Record Label partner of the store –Nu Energy Records. This release won’t be available elsewhere until 21/06/2011 and you won’t be able to buy it on OFFICIAL full colour printed CD single anywhere else EVER. So check out the tracks & grab yourself an exclusive now!!

NUNRG094 - The SynthWulf EP

1. Analog Rush
2. Tech-form (Feat Leslie)

SynthWulf is absolutely on fire at the minute, churning out some ridiculously fresh sounding freeform at a rate of knots. Incorporating thundering bass pulses, gritty noisework, filthy breaks alongside his unique melodic style, these latest efforts are the future sound of SynthWulf! Kick starting this ultra fresh styled EP on Nu Energy 094 is first of all “Analog Rush”, which combines a killer melody, twisted vocal snippets and absolute tear-out breaks and bass that smash the dancefloor to bits, guaranteed! On the proverbial flipside comes“Tech-Form” featuring the unique vocal talents of Leslie. Fat, huge and warm driving bass blasts pepper the track throughout to take you on a journey through the depths of audio hyperspace! Arriving at an immense riff destination that leaves listeners pleading for more, this massive track completes another killer unique futuristic EP for Nu Energy Records!

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