A.B & Douglas EP - Out Now Exclusively To Hardbeats Download!
Fresh off the back of the bank holiday madness HBD is here to offer you up a 100% EXCLUSIVE cut from the legendary Nu Energy Records. This one has seen BIG support from everyone from Sharkey & Kevin Energy to Lost Soul to Fracus & Darwin. This won’t be available on general release for another month and we are the only stockist ever to offer this huge EP on CD single!!

NUNRG095 - The A.B & Douglas EP

1: Moment | Play Now
2: Get Stupid (Ridiculous Edit) | Play Now
3: TrW | Play Now

At long last we unleash one of the most anticipated NUNRG releases in recent months, as we offer you the ultra-fresh sounds of A.B & Douglas in the form of 3 ground-breaking tracks. Kick-starting this exciting EP is “Moment” which has seen support from everyone from Kevin Energy to Lost Soul to Fracus & Darwin, with pretty much everyone else in-between! Throwing the rules out of the window and hitting the dancefloor hard with super-sidechained bass blasts, dirty shranz-style percussion, bells, rising synths, euphoric pads and the sickest bass-driven drop known to man, there’s something for everyone to go nuts to in this action packed slice of experimental freeform. Next up,and keeping the sub-levels red is an exclusive ridiculous edit of the ever-popular floorfiller “Get Stupid”. Unleashing the beastly bass reworked on an exclusive fidget tip, and backing things up with some hard-ass militant percussion, this one will blow up the rave as the sub fills the club! Dangerous stuff! Finally, completing the EP on a more euphoric vibe Douglas & A.B offer up lush vocals, sumptuous trance plucks and beautiful strings juxtaposed against trouse synthwork and sub-rumbling bass movements with “TrW”. A fitting end to a seriously varied EP and a glimpse into the combo power of these two promising producers!

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