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so chrisdisco,

you said earlier the earlybirds were only available to japanese residents? is this the case for those earlybird hotel packages cause i clicked the link for the 'labyrinth hotel booking' site and it came up with this:


that looks scary...

thanks for the help

as i wrote above:

"combined early bird tickets + hotel packages go on sale on friday:


if you don't want the hotel, or you miss out, there will also be 50 tickets at early bird prices (for international guests) available through mnml ssgs. "

people from overseas were able to book hotels last year, otherwise camping is fine.

if you want to have tickets reserved at early bird tickets, you can also email: mnmlssg AT gmail DOT com

just include the name of each person attending.

sorry, i am absolutely flat out at the moment and don't have the time to answer specific questions. neither do the organisers. but we can help with making sure you get in. getting there and finding a place to stay should be relatively straight forward. the people that came from o/s last year had no problems.