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this is a great idea to be honest.. I love collaborating since I am very new to production I find it's the best way to learn and bounce ideas off each other..
I am not the type of learner that can buy a book and learn, learn more quickly from people and video's

Sydney (Newtown), Ableton 8, House / Tech House

check my soundcloud if you want an idea of the stuff I have been working on..

I love Newtown. When I lived in Sydney I'd just sit there with my coffee and cigarettes and watch people walk past. Us Melbournians love to harp on about Brunswick and St Kilda. But Newtown is just as colourful.

Anyway, Camlv I'm in Melbourne and am also interested in the styles you speak of. Would be keen to hook something up. Anywhere I can check out ur tune-age?

And Jimmy I'd be interested in bashing out something again. Hopefully actually finish a tune. Some of your recent stuff has definitely crossed over with the stuff I like. (PS I know the last time we worked together I was a bit EQ-obsessed. Don't worry. It only happens after an afternoon on the reefer).
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