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PvH dates aren't even announced yet and already there's speculation and hate. Can't people just be excited that Dozzy and Van Hoesen are both here in November?

There was hate on the Sandwell District tour and look how that turned out.

I'm not hating at all. I am stoked that Dozzy and Van Hoesen are coming out, really thought it was unlikely that someone would take a punt to bring them out here. Fair enough about your current role, was just an honest question as to if it is something you want to look at.

Of course I would love a sideshow/club gig rather than a festival (unless it's something like Strawberry or Rainbow), but understand that it is a royal **** to try and get decent internationals out here and break even at least with us being on the ass end of the world.

Either way I am fucking pumped that PVH is happening. How good is Mount Kimbie - Carbonated (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) ?