Kana Broadcast 012 Milton Bradley
Not a lot has been known about this weeks guest from a personal perspective, but his work is far from secluded. Having moved with the waves of Berlin’s ever changing scene from the days of acid house, he co-founded the label Do Not Resist The Beat! with DJ Zeal which in turn plays host to the sub-label ‘The End Of All Existence’.

A true enigmatic insurgent, his heavy and atmospheric productions aid in the construction of complex promenades and have been hosted on not just his own label, but also on the likes of Perc Trax and Prologue. Coming off the back of a hectic European schedule whilst maintaining consistent quality releases isn’t an easy accomplishment, however it does lead us to this weeks special broadcast.

You could easily confuse it with a serenade of dark austerity – you’re with Milton Bradley.

Direct/Directo/Direkt - http://okkana.com/2011/09/kana-broad...ilton-bradley/

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