Kana Broadcast 013 Pheek
Subtle tension, intricate sonic passages and minimal terrorism lay the foundations for this weeks guest. From the origins of Montreal, he began experimenting and immersing himself in electronica from the early 1990′s which paved the way for two full length album releases after debuting on Hautec Recordings with Mateo Murphy only a few years prior. As the timeline shifted over the years, his releases found their way on labels such a M_nus as well his own label Archipel, whilst at the same time he’s maintained heavy bookings across the globe.

Whether the medium is the studio or a live performance, he’s insisted, without compromise, that every piece of work participates in a hypnotising parade of illusive moods and evolving kinetic structure. It’s this take on music that segregates his work from his peers so make no mistake, this weeks broadcast doubles as a sentry for a warm territorial outpost.

You’re with Jean-Patrice Remillard, aka: Pheek.

Direct/Directo/Direkt - http://okkana.com/2011/10/kana-broadcast-013-pheek/

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