Melodic emotional music influenced by prog
This thread is to focus on some of my favourite music, stuff that is similar to prog and which prog lovers might love, but that is not necessarily a classic fit into that category.
Melodic electronica and other such different tracks are the focus of this thread. Things like Henry Saiz Balance had elements of related but not classic prog music.
Record labels like Loki, Back Home, Klangwelt, Maripoza are all examples of the music this thread is to celebrate.
Artists such as Lanny May, Ryan Davis (together Davis & May), Applescal, Cora Novoa, Fairmont, Mattheis, Magic Panda, Ricardo Tobar, Spada,Van Hai etc, are some of the more obvious artists to fit this style. Obviously some of it will be progressive but it will fit with this melodic and emotional style. Hopefully you get what I mean!

I will post up some of the obvious tracks to give you an idea of the style I mean:
Lanny May
Ricardo Tobar
Ryan Davis
Henry Saiz & Spada

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